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Avalon Ventures: Avalon has selected a market sector that has enjoyed long-term growth and may well be poised for explosive expansion. The Company’s focus is to become a major player in the supply of esoteric rare minerals and metals that are used to make every-day products work better. A key example is the evolution of cars – moving away from simple internal combustion engines to hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery- or hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars, all of which require rare metals and minerals that Avalon plans to supply.

The drive towards more efficient use of the world’s raw materials is being driven by the confluence of the rapid industrialization in China and India, continued economic growth in the advanced economies, and shortages of raw materials with resultant secular increases in the prices of those raw materials. The most obvious manifestation of these changes is the energy sector, but other raw materials such as copper and zinc are experiencing similar adjustments.

Avalon has assembled an impressive portfolio of advanced-stage rare metals properties, located in the politically and economically stable environment of Canada, that have the potential to propel the company to become a major supplier of rare earths and other minerals. The Company is hardly known outside a small group of early investors. is an US-based oil and gas exploration, development and production company.

Cadence Resources: is an US-based oil and gas exploration, development and production company.  The company recently announced the merger with Aurora Energy.  On completion of the merger, company will have approx. 59 million shares out with US$ 22 million cash and no debt. Core assets comprise production and exploration/development of shale gas in Michigan and Indiana (413,000 acres), conventional gas in Louisiana, and oil in Texas, along with oil exploration in Kansas.

Gryphon Gold: is an US-based gold exploration and development company.

PolyMet Mining: There are three differentiating attributes of PolyMet Mining Corporation. Firstly, its 100%-owned NorthMet deposit in northern Minnesota is one of the largest undeveloped non-ferrous metals ore bodies in the world. Secondly, the project has been transformed through the acquisition of a world-class crushing and milling facility for a fraction of the cost of building a new plant. Finally, this mix is combined with an excellent, highly experienced management team that holds a substantial equity position in the Company. We believe that this combination alone would be sufficiently powerful to make PolyMet highly attractive. In addition, with a US-based asset, PolyMet is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from secular strength in metals markets, driven by global economic growth and dollar weakness.

Mr. Newby, President of Proteus Capital, was appointed CFO of PolyMet in November 2005.

Western Goldfields: is a US-based mining company that acquired the Mesquite gold mine from Newmont Mining in November 2003.  Historically, Mesquite produced approximately 200,000 ounces of gold each year at a cash cost of approximately $200 per ounce.  Western Goldfields continues to operate the residual leach production and is developing plans to reopen the mining operations.

Western Silver: is a Canadian exploration and development company that holds 100% of Peñasquito, a major silver-gold-zinc-lead property in northern Zacetecas in north-central Mexico.  The company is simultaneously developing plans to commence mining at the main zone while drilling out other discoveries nearby.  The company accepted a C$1.2 billion offer for all of the outstanding shares from Glamis Gold.

Last modified: January 3, 2007